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Melbourne. If photos were all I had to go on, it would look like all we’re doing here is eating and drinking. Not too far from the truth, but also I enjoy stories about food & beverage more than ones about that time I bought a blue business shirt.
After a holiday start we opened with a meal betwixt brunch and lunch at Stone Ground, Richmond.


Really nice muesli & yoghurt plus coffee for me and Nicole enjoyed her BLT. Oh and cheap! Not to labour the point but it was half of what I would expect to pay in the two-speed economy of Perth.
A short tram ride found us in Melbourne town where we picked over a couple of Japanese $2 (approx) shops – Tokuya and Daiso. Nicole did well to limit herself to about 10 or 15 items but she was in cute overload.
Then in keeping with the theme, light lunch at Yoyogi.


*boring shopping expedition goes here*
The evening saw us first at Josie Bones, Collingwood with cousin Mikey.


I got word of this place back in perth and indeed their selection of beers was at once intimidating, delicious and boozey.
Back into town to meet the ever-affable Anton & Felicity along with lovely Liz. Kokoro Ramen was in our future but the agreed meeting spot was the nearby Mai Tai bar, where happy hour is all the hours.


But the main event was two doors down.


Liz, Felicity, Anton, Nicole. I wish i was still eating that ramen.

It was a good, greasy ramen. The stock was thick and rich, good quality noodles were used and the eggs were just right. If I had to choose a last meal, a good ramen would right up there.
But like all good things it had to end. As luck would have it however, we were just round the corner from celebrated whisky bar Chez Regine and so for the second time that evening we were confronted with an impressive and boozey directory. I settled on a Linlithgow 1982, foreshadowing adventures to come. I think the picture says it all.


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  1. Nothing bad here. I want to go to those places.

  2. […] not so keen on despite its reputation (read:price). In fact, the whisky bar we visited the other night does a thing called a boilermaker, where they pair a fine whisky with a fine beer. I thought […]

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