Melbourne: Then it was time to put on nice clothes and take photos.

Tim and cousin Julia were tying the knot at Quat Quatta in Ripponlea which, as an interesting historical footnote, was also the venue for my parents’ reception. But while my folks got hitched on the now all too memorable September the 11th, Tim & Jules were also saying their vows on another easily conjured date – 10/11/12. Should make anniversaries harder to miss.

So here’s the proof:

Both correctly answered “I do” not “Adieu”

It was a heavily Yuncken affair with a Jewish twist – Tim broke the glass with two blows, then we danced…

…and danced some more…

For the occasion, the happy couple had arranged their own limited edition wine range.

There was much feasting and merry-making. Like all good Yuncken gatherings, it was a pretty special and unique occasion in a distinct and confrontly Yuncken-ish sort of way… Plenty of close, loud talking, the wine flowed freely, the gags were teeth-grindingly dire and the proverbial rug was well and truly cut. Hearty congrats to T&J and well deserved back-slaps to both families.

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