So London, here we come

The plane, 12-13/11/12:

After a dinner of Aunty Barb’s 4-and-a-half star lasagne, Mum & Dad took us for the tradionally panicky drive to the airport. With minimal queuing at the airport, this left plenty of time to take in the glamour of airport duty-free.


Driving the free samples in

I actually enjoy long-haul flights to a point. It forces me to be fed and mindlessly entertained for hours without the nagging sense of having something better to do.

We were in the big fancy Emirates A380’s which feature a top deck for the master race. A curved staircase and primly-dressed attendant prevented me from seeing it for myself but rumour has it they feature full-size beds, a cocktail lounge, light-up disco dancefloor, a shooting range, a cryostasis option and live show-jumping.

Still, Emirates treats the peons pretty well too. Tonight’s entertainment included two films I actually wanted to see in Moonrise Kingdom and From Rome With Love. The abitrary meals served (dinner, breakfast, breakfast again, lunch) were far better than what Qantas offered us days earlier with some interesting Arabic Twix, I mean Arabic twists.


Interesting Arabic Twix


The Arabic Selection breakfast


Well that's good enough for me

However, for all the fun of being battery fed and infinitely amused, the sleepless, upright crazies invariably set in after about hour 8.

We managed though and even came out of the time/matter transfer at Heathrow, 11:30am, feeling basically human. Good times.

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