Den Haag (the Netherlands) 18/11/12: Pretty high on Nicole’s Europe checklist was to go to a European flea market, so it was perhaps providence that on our first day in Den Haag we spotted a large banner outside the station, broadly proclaiming “VLOOIENMARKT” tomorrow.
It was out in the suburbs, which meant a bus-borne adventure, but before we knew it we were out in the wilderness, rubbing shoulders with the public at large and picking through tables overflowing with all manner of superfluous treasures.


Averting our eyes from the man at the entrance selling hard-core porn and possibly used marital aids, we made our way into the basketball stadium to pan for some nuggets of our own. The hits-to-shits ratio was about as low as any other swapmeet I’ve been to, just more European. Never-the-less, I still walked out with a Gameboy camera and Nicole scored some smurf figurines, a euro-poodle book and some antique postcards. Success.
We headed back into Den Haag to meet John, Marie and Zoe for a light feed then meandered back to their place via the shops for a home-cooked chickpea curry and chocolate self-saucing pudding a la Pete & Nicole, plus some competetively-priced exotic Dutch ales. Then, a baby photoshoot.


Caged bebe

Bonus Zoe shots:


omg new box


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