AcTiViTy KoRnEr: Fabricate you own European cathedral!

Select from the following:
Originally a monastery/nunnery
Sacked by Vikings
Bishop placed his seat here in order to claim stored valuables
Designed by famous Italian architect
Destroyed by fire in the middle ages
Chapel later added by local prince/earl/burgher
Destroyed by Rome following disagreement with pope
Rebuilt by local prince/earl/burgher
Crypt contains dead prince/earl/burgher
Destroyed by fire in the 17th century
Shrine added later
Dome added later
Destroying by bombing during the second world war (mandatory)
Rebuilt in the 1960’s
Now receives n thousand visitors each year

Select from the following, indicating quantity of each:
Stained glass from middle ages depicting scenes from Bethlehem/Calgary/Revelations
Original stained glass saved from / destroyed by bombing during the second world war
Contains n organs
Paintings in dome/chapel/shrine featuring Mary mother of Christ / the disciples / scenes from the apocalypse and rapture
Figure of Christ on the cross front and centre (mandatory)
Gothic ornamentation/lattices around organ(s)/pulpit/balcony
Candles in shrine
Central motive of crown of thorns / holy ghost
Central columns made from n tonnes of stone
Elaborate stonework ornamentation and cornices
Structurally unusual / non-parallel design (post WWII reconstructions only)

Congratulations! You have now fabricated your own European cathedral and are ready to accept visitors and tour groups from all over the world.

One response

  1. You forgot: Reliquary contains remnant of St. Nesbit’s ankle/maxilla/cochlea/pancreas.
    (See also, “Contains n organs”)

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