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Beard update 5 – Homecoming beard

A profile shot taken in my spiritual home, the Carlton Hotel. The beard has reached maturity, I feel, and now I confront the daunting and tantelising possibility of eventually achieving the “prospecter” look. In the second shot I can be seen with my beard bretheren Chad, championing the Aussie conquistidor.

More holiday blogs coming, I promise!



Beard update 4 – Snot of the Arctic


Near Kiruna, Sweden: So here’s what happens in a beard at around -30°C. Punny title aside, I think that the frost is mostly from the moisture in my breath. For the real polar explorer look I recommend the full balaclava and overalls (see below), but the beard presents better in this aspect.


Base camp

Beard update 3: Regal Germanic beard


Exhibit A: Hornburg, Germany


Exhibit B: Salzburg, Austria

Here we can see some movement through time. The first shot was about a week ago, the second yesterday. I think I am now over the line that divides unkempt and debonair, though who am I to say? The euro-hat/chin-fungus combo makes me look like I should be selling fruit on the streets of Paris. Exactly the look I’m going for.

Beard update 2 – Dutch beard

Thanks Leiden for the wallpaper

I don’t think this photo does the beard justice – must be the soft lighting. Yeah, the chops are still clearly the dominant force but not the the extent implied in this pic. It’s not strokeable and I look probably 20% more thoughtful as a result, but I’m really hanging out for the full blown “highland philosopher” or “maritime war hero”.

Beard update 1

Let’s take a quick break from the holiday diary to see how the beard’s growing.


Figure 1: 5.5 days growth

Here we can see that the sideys are still distinct but their days are numbered. The 3 day peach fuzz has progressed into a 5 day dirty hobo. Status is unkempt, pre-stylish. Functionally it is providing no protection from the elements yet. Week 2 will be telling.