We’re on a boat

The English Channel, 16-17/11/12: I didn’t quite know what to expect for this trip but the website said there would be casinos and discoteques. Not far wrong – for a 7 hour overnight trip there was a ludicrous amount of entertainment and lounge space.


On-board hoops. 8' ring for the flabbier cruise-liner set.


Chillaxing on deck


Catching some rays


Having a lovely time 1


Having a lovely time 2


New friend



It might have been nice to stay up all night, soaking up the opulence, but we must’ve spent ourselves in Harwich, plus our old chum jet-lag was still hanging around like an unwanted party guest so we pretty quickly retired to our cabin.

Apart from comfy beds, my other favourite feature in the cabin was the Doggy TV channel, which played a live feed from the on-board kennels, like Big Brother for woof-woofs. Unfortunately, there were few if any of our canine friends on board that night so it was only marginally more interesting than regular Big Brother.


Boat external

4 responses

  1. I like the companies tagline: “Making good time”. I can picture passengers on deck looking out to sea, and exclaiming: “Gee, we are making good time!”

    1. Yeah I enjoyed that too. I decided it was wordplay rather than dodgy english but equally I could imagine a borat type passenger on the deck saying “making good time!”

  2. Question 1: Who catches a boat to Holland these days? I’m presuming you two were the only ones there for the romance of sea travel. So what was the demographic, or was it nothing but plastic penguins?

    Question 2: Curious what the Dutch Harwich is like.

    1. Q1: Besides curious tourists, truckers and other vehicle owners. In fact, one area of the boat is called the Truckers Lounge, which is a sentence in itself. The man at the desk said that saturday nights are a big night on the boat so I guess there’s a reveler element too.

      Q2: Didn’t get a proper look at Hoek van Holland, only had eyes for the train outta there. It seemed grey but not apocolyptic.

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